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제목 RE: Here are some questions about hatch reamers.
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작성일 2013-02-17


The person who bought the hatch reamer.

I have a few questions, but the FAQ doesn't make it easier, so I post it here.


1. The moment it becomes CLE (cutting lift elevation) is a bit vague.

Anyway, the maxillary sinus must be completely CLE for subsequent bone graft.

How do you know if CLE is complete?


2. Can I use bone hatch reamers to squeeze with less CLE (when the maxillary dorsal cap is not fully open) and raise as usual?


3. Similarly, in the inclined maxillary sinus, unlike the flat maxillary sinus

3-4mm should be further advanced after touching the lower part of maxillary sinus

The maxillary sinus seems to be CLE. In this case, I wonder how to use the hatch reamer.


4. I use only 4.1mm diameter ITI type implants in the maxillary posterior part.

In this case, CLE with 3.0 hatch reamer and bone graft

Can I use it? Then I wonder if it means that there is almost nothing to use except 3.0.


I would appreciate your reply.