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제목 I just finished surgery.
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작성일 2013-02-17

I just had some surgery after the surgery.


Positioned with an initial initial drill and drilled to a location and proper distance (up to a few miles away from sinus) with a 2mm general implant drill.


But it's been a problem since then.

After that, I gave 4mm of Hatchrimmer and it was narrow and hard to proceed from the entrance.

We used a 3 mm narrow hatch and a guided drill to widen the opening, so we only worked to the hatch distance.


Then I opened the hatch properly at 4mm and proceeded ..

1) The initial protocol does not enter the head, please answer in order to organize. In case of crunch

It seemed like you could go in 4mm, but it was a little harder.

How do you dig a hole?


2) And after getting the hatch, I'm curious about how much to score the goal.

Condensing with a condenser ... or what amount is it?


It's too burdensome to go ahead and put my bones and bios all the way to the entrance today.

I'm going to tear it ... (I've been doing 4mm drills after hatch.


Please advise .. ^^