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제목 RE: When implanting 10mm implants from 3mm bone
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작성일 2013-02-25

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(1) When performing sinus lifting by advancing the Hatch Reamer or Lifting Reamer after condensing

It is recommended to fill enough to confirm the opening of the osteotomy hole.

When condensing for bone graft + sinus lift because there are few residual bones, please fill the amount to check the entrance before condensing, and then condensing with gentle power.


(2) If the perforation of the membrane is confirmed before the last condensing, you should judge the condition well.

Once the graft is no longer distributed into the maxillary sinus, no additional bone graft should be performed.

If there is no more bone graft after perforation and there is no perforation or dispersal of maxillary sinus of transplanted bone, you can observe the prognosis after implant placement about 8mm.

However, care and long-term antibiotic administration are important.

Unfortunately, if the perforation is large, remove the implant as much as possible and then suture it for 4-5 weeks.