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작성일 2013-02-25

Remaining bones from 6mm to 10mm would have taken a long time if you made 8-10 round trips.

After opening the hatch, sufficient bone condensing is important for the reamer to advance 2mm for the sinus lift and bone graft.

Nowadays, we are preparing to develop bone carrier again, and the reason why spoon is attached to condenser of HATCH REAMER Express KIT is for bone graft and surgery.

However, it is fortunate that there is no perforation of the membrane by filling and advancing less bone.

Also, the first time use, the bone chips stuck in the groove should be removed to maintain fresh auto-bone collection and deletion efficiency, but once the hatch is opened, do not remove it.

Too small a bone graft for bone formation is detrimental to blood circulation, but in the case of maxillary sinus surgery, it is not a hard packing and there is not enough remaining bone.

In the next surgery, you can repeat the procedure without filling the bone chip between the grooves of the reamer while advancing by 2mm.

One of the advantages of using hatch reamers is to get fresh autologous bone during surgery.

Mixing these autogenous bones is enough for most inexpensive bones.

Hatch reamers allow you to operate without having to select a special bone.

In addition, the remaining 6mm bone can be operated without additional graft if the autologous bone is collected well during surgery.

Thank you.