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제목 RE: Should I use a hatch reamer from the start?
작성자 관리자
작성일 2013-02-25

After indentation with the round bur or dia-reamer, the hatch reamer can be opened from the beginning using a hatch reamer that can be fixed initially.

However, if the remaining bone is 5mm, use the hatch reamer while collecting the remaining bone of the hatch reamer groove 1-2 times in the middle.

The initial manual recommends a step-by-step operation to increase the diameter, but we recommend that you use the initial fixed hatch reamer after the upgrade.

In this release, HATCH REAMER Express is good enough to delete efficiently.

If there is enough bone remaining, and there is no need for bone graft, some teachers use the hatch reamer to open the hatch after removing the Twist drill 1mm before the maxillary sinus.

I think you can see the difference in efficiency if you try it when you get a chance, but I think there will be no big difference.

Thank you.