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작성일 2013-02-25

The most important thing

After indentation at the insertion position with a round bur or dia-reamer, the hatch reamer can be opened from the beginning using a hatch reamer that can be initially fixed.

The diameter of the indentation hole is enough for the diameter of the hatch reamer used.

4mm hatch reamer is 4mm in diameter and 1.5mm in depth.

1) After using the first round bur or dia-remer, check the primary bone ecology and then fix it.

If you remove the bone chip created in the middle, it will be removed well.

If you want to expand the hatch after the hatch is opened, you can extend it to the length formed by the hatch reamer with a large diameter.

If you are anxious about moving forward, expand your bone chip.

If the initial fixation is too strong when the final implant is placed

The final drill of each implant system rotates 2-3 times without weeks

Placement after expansion of maxillary sinus remains.

2) When filling the bone chip in the osteotomy hole, fill the hole well enough to check and move forward after condensing.

Advancing after a lack of bone graft can damage the reamer and the maxillary sinus membrane.

If it seems to be insufficient, it's good to fill it up.

Thank you.