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제목 I have a question
작성자 vespersb
작성일 2017-02-13


After purchasing the hatch reamer, I proceeded 2-3 cases.

I have a question I post.

1) After the dia-drill, I deleted the bone from the tooth adjustment with the hatch reamer, but the bone was not deleted (50RPM 45N / cm)

So I drilled with an implant twist drill to a tentative height with 4.3 drills and then started deleting with a 4.0 hatch reamer.

While deleting, the maxillary sinus constriction met. When we meet the dense bone, the hatch reamer couldn't delete it

Turned around. So I removed a bit of maxillary sinus bone with a twist drill and used a hatch hammer to open the hatch.

Can't I just delete a goal with a hatch reamer? I can not delete the setting value even if I set 200 RPM 20N / cm

It is. When I see several posts and manager's posts on the bulletin board, it says that I delete it enough with a hatch reamer drill.

2) After bone graft, we advanced with lifting reamer and implant was placed. Implant final drill only 2-3 times under no injection depth

Is it possible to do it and place an implant?