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제목 RE: Question when using Hatch Reamer
작성자 관리자
작성일 2013-02-25

Thank you for the good question.

In conclusion, the graft bone caught in the hatch reamer groove during bone graft + sinus lift after hatch opening can be used without removal.

In the first use, the grooved bone chip must be removed to maintain fresh auto-bone collection and deletion efficiency. However, once the hatch is opened, do not remove it.

I and many teachers do the same.

After hatching, the newly included Lifting Reamer for bone graft + sinus lift shortens the groove.


I listened to the explanation and thought it would be a good idea to take it a little slower.

If the hatch does not open the gauge to promote elasticity, please test your nose.

It's best not to harden the test but to soften it slowly.

If you can not distinguish it, put a bit of bone chip in the entrance and try it.

If the result is not perforated, bone graft + sinus lift can be performed by additional procedure while promoting elasticity with gauge.

In my case, the moment the hatch opens (when the reamer is tilted) stops spinning, fills the bone chip with holes and condensing.

If you advance the hatch reamer 2mm further, the hatch opens fully and safely raises the maxillary sinus.

At this time, you can feel the elasticity by promoting with a gauge.

Expect good surgery.

Thank you.